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Dine on our fine foods!
We only use high quality ingredients to bring an authentic street food flavour from around the world, freshly cooked where and when you want it.
Delicious Food

Street Food Specialists

Here at Street Food South West we provide a delicious range of authentic, modern, classic street and festival food from around the world. We cook all of our dishes on location for all of our events.
Fine Street Food
Keep it Fresh
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  1. Spanish Paella & Tapas
    We do a variety of authentic paella cooked in our super size paella pans and delicious tapas freshly prepared as in Barcelona!
  2. Mexican Specials
    Including wraps, fajitas, burritos, tacos & nachos, filled & topped to your liking with smoky chipotle chicken, beef or vegetarian. Rich chill con carne. Accompanied by fresh salads, sides & dips. All dishes cooked to your spice liking from mild & smoky BBQ up to something with a bit more kick!
  3. Indian
    We cook a variety of aromatic dishes from around India good enough for Bollywood stars.
  4. Moroccan
    Step into a Marrakesh street market with our slow cooked lamb or our saffron infused chicken, melt in the mouth flat breads and a rainbow of fresh vegetables, fruits & spices.
  5. Caribbean
    Kick back with our jerk chicken, rice & peas, sweet & fresh mango salads and many many more Caribbean delicacies.
  6. USA
    Slow cooked pulled pork, juicy steaks & burgers or spicy cajun chicken is the name of the game here! Served with classic coleslaw, fresh buns, salad, corn on the cob and other American & Cajun classics, the best of the US.
Great Food, Great Atmosphere, Great Time!